Admission Procedure
Boys and Girls are granted admission irrespective of their caste, creed and colour. The minimum age for admission to the primary section is 3 year through first served basis. No INTERVIEW of any sort is taken for admission to junior class. However for senior section, a written test is mandatory . Preferance is Given to dramatics, music, dance and other social activities.

It is mandatory for a student to produce a transfer Certificate, Marks sheet and other relivent documents as required at the time of admission. Recent pssport size photographs of students, father and mother one each for the self, the father and the mother are also requried at the time of admission. A birth certificate is essential for beginner at the time of admission.

Fee collection & Fine

Parents or Guardians have to remit the school tuition fee and other charges between 1st To 5th of each month. If 5th is a holiday, then next working day shall be considered as fee collection day without late fine.

• If the fee is not deposited till the 5th of the month, then cavort a late fine of Rs.100/- per month will be charged. After a default 2 month the student name may be extract of the school. The fee and other charges for the month of January and March shall be deposited with the fee of the month December and February respectively.

• School Tuition fee is to be borne by the Parents/ Guardians for one full session (12 Months). No exemption/deduction in fee shall be made on account of broken period/ holidays or absence from the classes.

• Prior to summer and Winter Vacations if the fee in not paid by the last date as per notice, the scholar's name shall not be included in the commencement day of the school.

• No student shall be allowed to appear at the examination unless all dues have been cleared.

• Keeping/carrying mobile/electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited, If found guilty a dicrasenary find will be imposed there on.

* Last date of submission of application for T.C. would be 30th of March afterwards School Fee shall be charged.